Prospects & Future Plans

Prospects & Future Plans

Capacity expansion & facilities upgrade

Currently, we possess a production capacity of approximately 8 million pairs of sports shoes per annum from 4 production lines. Additionally, we outsource some of our orders to external contract manufacturers. We intend to acquire 4 more production lines to double our capacity and upgrade existing production facilities through purchasing new machineries and equipment.


Strengthen D&D capabilities & expand product range

Our current product design capacity stands at approximately 1,000 designs per annum. To further increase our competitiveness in the market, we intend to enhance our design capacity to 1,500 designs per annum via investments in advanced equipment and machinery, upgrading current information systems and expanding the design and development team.


Expansion via acquisitions, joint ventures or strategic alliances

The catalysts of our growth are our ability to expand our network of customers and to increase our production capacity. In order to expand our business, we intend to acquire, enter into joint ventures or strategic alliances with other companies that are either complimentary or are a strategic fit to our business.


Increase sales & marketing activities

We strongly believe that there are still significant opportunities to further expand into both the local and international sports shoe market. To leverage on these opportunities, we intend to strengthen our sales and distribution network by enlisting experienced marketing and sales personnel and participating in more transnational trade fairs.