Maxwell Group specialises in the design and manufacturing of sports shoes for domestic and overseas customers, which comprise mainly trading houses and brand distributors, via our wholly-owned subsidiary company, Zhenxing Shoes. We manufacture sports shoes on an OEM basis (i.e. we manufacture based on the specifications and designs provided by our customers) and on an ODM basis (i.e. we design and develop sports shoes for our customers’ selection and manufacture the selected designs for our customers). We have strong D&D capabilities and are able to develop an average of 1,000 shoe designs per annum for our customers’ selection. Zhenxing Shoes is an OEM and ODM for various third party brands. Currently, we have the capacity to produce up to 8 million pairs of sports shoes per year at our manufacturing facilities located in Zhushuxia Industrial Zone, Jinjiang City, Fujian Province, PRC, through our subsidiary, Zhenxing Shoes.


Design and Development (“D&D”)

Maxwell Group places strong emphasis on product D&D in ensuring our competitiveness in the sports shoe market. To this end, we have a dedicated team of experienced personnel in our D&D Department to improve and extend our product range in terms of function, variety and design so as to ensure that we keep up with the latest trends and design suitable for customers’ selection. Hence, our in-house design capability is a way of providing value-added services to our customers.


Quality Assurance

We place great emphasis on the quality of our products, which we believe have contributed significantly to our success. Our Quality Assurance Department conducts quality checks on all the products manufactured and oversees the implementation of the quality controls at every stage of our production process, which is in line with our quality management system.

We joined SATRA in March 2008, as our commitment towards continually improving and maintaining our quality levels. Through the use of SATRA services, such as SATRA Performance Guidelines, we are able to gain practical and advanced guidelines for quality control in the sports shoe industry.

As a testament to our reputation for good quality products, we were awarded Outstanding Enterprise in Regulated Quality Management (规范化管理质量达标先进企业) by Quanzhou Sub-centre of China Merchandise Trading Centre (中国商品交易中心泉州分中心) in 2003 and Excellent Quality Unit (质量胜得过单位)by Technology Supervisory Bureau of Jinjiang (晋江技术监督局) in January 2008. In April 2008, Zhenxing Shoes also obtained ISO9001:2000 certification for our production process, products and services.