Factors of Competition

The sports shoes industry in China is a competitive industry where no one manufacturer is large enough to dictate product pricing. Additionally, we operate in a free enterprise environment with no undue government regulations or licensing requirements. The following illustration depicts the essential elements that contribute to the success of a sports shoes manufacturer. Our company has invested time, resources and efforts into these elements to ensure that we are constantly competitive and that we are continuously improving and building on our strengths.

Factors of Competition


Quality of Products & Service

  • Quality is important especially where there is a wide range of choices.
  • Manufacturers with stringent quality assurances will be in a better position to compete effectively.
  • Maxwell has always placed continuous emphasis on quality with extensive checks conducted on raw materials, throughout the production process and on finished products.


Design & Value-adding Capabilities

  • Design is essential as it affects shoe styles, ergonomics, function, durability and customer acceptance.
  • Manufacturers that provide value-adding services such as screen printing, embroidery and others have an advantage in sales.
  • Maxwell has in-house capabilities and facilities including CAD systems to offer a wide range of value-added services.


Research & Development

  • Research and development is essential in creating new design, and using new materials to meet customers' changing needs.
  • Manufacturers with in-house research and development are able to continually develop better and more desirable products.
  • Maxwell has in-house research and development facilities and capabilities to continuously improve on product offerings.


Track Record

  • Manufacturers with established and proven track record are in a stronger position to compete effectively and to secure sales orders.
  • Maxwell's track record of approximately 10 years in the manufacturing of sports shoes has established a strong reputation for itself.