Competitive Strengths

We strongly believe that the following key factors provide us with the ability to not only compete effectively against our competitors but also ensure our long-term sustainable growth.

Competitve Strenghts


Strong Product Design & Development Capabilities

We place a strong emphasis on product D&D and we have invested in a strong development team of highly experienced personnel to improve and extend our product range in terms of function, variety and design. Our commitment to improving our products enables us to tap into the latest trends and designs to ensure we are constantly competitive in the sport shoes market.


Ability to Deliver High Quality Products

Our ability to design and produce high quality products have contributed immensely to our success. To ensure that our products are able to consistently achieve our high standards of quality, the Quality Assurance Department conducts regular examinations on all products manufactured and oversees the implementation of quality controls at every stage of production.


Strong Relationship with Customers

As we have been involved in the manufacturing of sport shoes since 1999, we have successfully developed a strong working relationship with our clientele. Based on our ability to consistently deliver quality products and reliable service at a timely manner, we have established an excellent track record with our customers.


Strategic Location to Raw Materials

Proximity to raw materials is essential to the success of any manufacturing firm. We are located in Jinjiang City which is renowned as one of the world's largest sports shoe manufacturing hubs. Our strategic location enables us to access a large pool of suppliers and establish strong controls over timing of delivery, logistics costs and quality.


Highly Experienced Management & Technical Team

Our Executive Director and Chairman, Li Kwai Chun, possess more than 20 years' experience in the trading business. She is supported by a dedicated team of experience personnel, most of whom have more than 10 years of experience in their respective fields.