Our commitment to excellence is evidenced by the numerous awards and certifications which we have received to-date, details of which are as follows:

Award/Certification Awarding Body Awarded in Purpose of certification
Outstanding Enterprise for Safe Production

The Government of Qingyang County

August 2001 Appreciation for the Group’s safe production
Outstanding Enterprise

The Committee of China Communism Party in Qingyang County and the Government of Qingyang County

October 2002 Appreciation for the Group’s excellent comprehensive performance
Outstanding Enterprise in Regulated Quality Management

Quanzhou Sub-centre of China Merchandise Trading Centre

2003 Appreciation for the Group’s excellent management of products quality
AA Rating Enterprise of Fujian Province

Fujian Enterprise Credit Evaluation Center & Fujian Enterprise Credit Evaluation Association

August 2004 Appreciation for the excellent credibility and reputation of the Company with banks
Excellent Quality Unit

Technology Supervisory Bureau of Jinjiang

January 2008 Appreciation for the Group’s high quality products.
Outstanding Enterprise

The Working Committee of China Communism Party and Office of Meiling Street

(中共梅岭街道工作委员会, 梅岭街道办事处)
April 2006,
May 2007,
January 2008 and
February 2008
Appreciation for the Company’s excellent comprehensive performance by overall evaluation based on factors such as sales, tax creditability, operation etc

In addition, we have also received the following accreditation in recognition of the stringent internal controls and high quality management system adopted in our production process:-

Award/Certification Awarding Body Awarded in
ISO9001:2000 GIC April 2008